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Program Effectiveness Overview

FMCSA has developed analytical models to measure the effectiveness of its enforcement programs in reducing crashes, preventing injuries, and saving lives. These models inform FMCSA and its State partners about the effectiveness of their enforcement programs.

To learn more about the Program Effectiveness Models, what data they evaluate, and each model’s findings, please refer to each model’s information below and follow the "view details" link for results and access to the models’ reports.

Program Effectiveness Models

Roadside Intervention Effectiveness Model

This model measures the effectiveness of two of FMCSA’s key enforcement tools: Roadside Inspections and Traffic Enforcements. The Roadside Intervention Effectiveness Model is based on the premise that roadside inspections and traffic enforcements, which result in the correction of vehicle and driver violations, contribute to a reduction in crashes.

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Carrier Intervention Effectiveness Model

This model provides FMCSA with a tool for measuring the safety benefits of carrier interventions. The Carrier Intervention Effectiveness Model incorporates compliance reviews (CRs) and additional carrier interventions to yield national-level measurements of the effectiveness of FMCSA’s carrier interventions.

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Compliance Review Effectiveness Model

From FY 2002 through FY 2009, this model measured the direct impact of compliance reviews (CRs) on carriers that received CRs in each year. The Compliance Review Effectiveness Model yielded national-level estimates of the effectiveness of CRs, and has subsequently been replaced by the Carrier Intervention Effectiveness Model.

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