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Grants Management Training

As part of the mission to reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes, FMCSA provides financial assistance to States and other partners through various grant opportunities—including the Commercial Driver’s License Program Implementation (CDLPI) and High Priority (HP) grant programs. Complete the eLearning courses below and review the additional resources to learn more about these programs, the grants management lifecycle, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance, and how FMCSA grants can help you meet your safety goals. While these materials are geared toward CDLPI and HP grant applicants, much of the information is also relevant for other FMCSA funding opportunities. By reviewing the eLearning courses and additional training resources, you can be prepared to apply for and manage FMCSA grants and partner with FMCSA to keep our roads safe.

Grant Application

Learn about and apply for grant opportunities

Grant Implementation

Put grant funding to work to improve safety

Grant Close-Out

Fulfill final obligations in the grants management lifecycle

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Grant Application


Introduction to Grants Management

Duration: 20 minutes
Description: FMCSA's mission, the OMB Uniform Guidance, and the Grants Management Lifecycle

Eligibility & Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

Duration: 20 minutes
Description: FMCSA grant opportunities, eligibility, and Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

Application Submission

Duration: 20 minutes
Description: Grants management systems, the grant application, and grant budget & narrative

Award Determination

Duration: 20 minutes
Description: Merit review process, Notification of Grant Award (NGA), and accepting grants

Additional Tips for your Application

CDL Best Practices

Check out tips to help you successfully quantify your safety problem when developing a CDLPI Grant application

HP Best Practices

Check out tips to help you successfully quantify your safety problem when developing an HP Grant application

Grant Implementation

Phase 4 Part A

Implementation & Management

Duration: 20 minutes
Description: Roles in the grants management process, performance evaluation, and grant amendments
Phase 4 Part B

Implementation & Management

Duration: 20 minutes
Description: Audits, compliance issues, and Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)

Grant Close-Out

Phase 5


Duration: 15 minutes
Description: Requirements and reports for the final steps in the grants management lifecycle

Great Job!

Completion Certificate

Download a certificate to self-certify that you’ve completed the Grants Management training courses.