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FMCSA makes grant funding available for projects that support our safety mission. Through research, technology, and enforcement, FMCSA grantees use their knowledge and expertise to improve safety on our Nation’s roadways, in alignment with the U.S. Department of Transportation Strategic Plan and National Roadway Safety Strategy.

Grants are available for colleges and universities, State governments, training providers, and more. Read on to learn more about FMCSA grant opportunities. You can also visit the Grants Resource Center to search for trainings, guidance, tools, and more.

Supporting FMCSA’s Safety Mission

FMCSA grant programs can fund transformative ideas. Below are some program highlights and examples of projects that would be eligible for Federal funding.

Featured Resources

Below are some of the latest resources available from FMCSA to assist grant applicants.

Grants Tools

Use the tools below to help in your grant application and grant management. Note that certain tools are only available to specific users to support enforcement activities.

Grants Management Training

Learn how to apply for HP and CDLPI Grants. This self-guided eLearning also covers grant implementation and closing out the grants management cycle.

National CDL Program Training

This self-guided eLearning course provides information to support State compliance with the regulations in 49 CFR Parts 383 and 384.


Use this web-based template to create, edit, share, and submit your State’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan (CVSP). (Note: This tool is for MCSAP Grants only.)

MCSAP Activity Dashboard

Monitor activities identified in your State’s eCVSP and prepare MCSAP quarterly reports. (Note: This tool is available to Enforcement users only.)

MCSAP Performance Dashboard

Review your State’s historical MCSAP performance data to inform your program planning. (Note: This tool is available to Enforcement users only.)

News and Updates

January 2024 FY 2024 Technical Assistance Webinars

View fiscal year 2024 technical assistance webinars.

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