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As an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation, FMCSA is committed to advancing equity, civil rights, racial justice, and equal opportunity. This includes ensuring that grant opportunities are available on an equal basis to all who are eligible.

Grants » Equity

Advancing Equity

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration strives to meet its safety mission equitably and provides opportunities to advance that mission through its grant programs. The White House issued Executive Orders 13985, 14041, 14045, and 14049 related to these issues. These orders call for breaking down barriers and strengthening the capacity of Minority Institutions of Higher Education (MIHE) to participate in and benefit from Federal programs, including grant and procurement opportunities. FMCSA is committed to Secretary Buttigieg’s vision of equity and access as described in the Secretary’s Equity and Access Policy Statement.

FMCSA’s grant programs support Executive Order 14041, Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity Through HBCUs. FMCSA will work to remove barriers and expand pathways for HBCUs to access Federal funding and programs, to include research and development, innovation, and financial and other support to students. Through these efforts, FMCSA seeks to increase the number of HBCUs participating in grant programs to help achieve its strategic objectives of safety, economic strength and global competitiveness equity, climate and sustainability, and transformation.

Supporting FMCSA’s Safety Mission

FMCSA encourages HBCUs and other MIHEs to apply for grant funding to help us achieve the strategic objectives. This opportunity also comes at a critical juncture for our nation’s infrastructure with the key investment being made through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Participation in FMCSA grant funding allows HBCUs to have a direct impact on commercial vehicle safety, an industry that affects us all. It will also develop the skills and talents of students who will go on to become future transportation safety professionals.

Examples of Projects
HBCUs can request Federal funding for projects such as those listed below.

Implement a Safe System Approach to make our streets safer as outlined in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Call to Action in the National Roadway Safety Strategy

Partner to study ways to improve safety

Develop information technology systems to make roadways and work zones safer

Provide scholarships to its students to attend the school’s commercial driver’s license training program

Identify high crash corridors and design strategies for crash reduction

Conduct commercial motor vehicle safety outreach

Assess hazardous material risk at ports of entry

Study the impact of commercial motor vehicle safety technologies

How can an entity apply for FMCSA’s grant programs? 

Check the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the current fiscal year’s priorities. NOFOs are posted annually on See the graphic below for an overview of the grant application process.

Ready to get started?

Review the information about the grant programs listed above to determine if your organization is eligible and review the program’s purpose to determine which program would best support your project proposal idea(s).