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$83 Million
awarded in FY 2023
86 Awards
Funded through HP Grants
41 State Organizations
4 Local Jurisdictions and 12 Additional Entities

Eligibility: States, local jurisdictions, and other entities conducting CMV safety-related activities or Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD)

The High Priority (HP) discretionary grant provides financial assistance to enhance MCSAP commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety-related activities and support Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD).

FMCSA awarded more than $83 million through the HP grant program in FY 2023, including $59 million to 41 State Organizations, $4.9 million to four local jurisdictions, and $19 million to 12 additional entities, including 9 universities.

FMCSA encourages applicants to consider how proposed projects affect or support racial equity and underserved communities in the delivery of the program and the outputs and outcomes of the projects in support of Executive Order 13985. Learn more about FMCSA’s commitment to equity in administering grant funding.

News and Updates


FMCSA Announces FY2024 High Priority Funding

Administration Opens Applications for Over $180 Million in Safety Grants for Commercial Motor Vehicles

FY 2024 HP Notice of Funding Opportunity

The FY 2024 High Priority Grant's Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is available on

FY 2024 Technical Assistance Webinars

View fiscal year 2024 technical assistance webinars.

About the HP Grant

The CMV safety-related activities funded under the HP grant can include increasing public awareness and education on CMV safety, targeting unsafe driving in high-risk crash corridors, demonstrating new technologies to improve CMV safety, safety data improvement, and other projects that help meet FMCSA’s mission of improving CMV safety nationwide.

The Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) Program provides financial assistance to advance technological capabilities and promote the deployment of intelligent transportation system applications for CMV operations.

Visit the new Grants Resource Center to explore training, guidance, and tools to assist you in applying for and maintaining the HP grant.

More Information on the HP Grant

The HP Grant program is authorized by the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, Pub. L. No. 117-58 (2021). HP grants are governed by 49 U.S.C. §§ 31102(l), as modified by Sections 23001(b) and 23003 through 23004 of Public Law Number 117-58 (2021), and by 49 CFR part 350.

HP Grant Application Process

All applications must be filed electronically through Additional application requirements will be indicated on the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) announcement and all required forms must be completed and uploaded in within the time frame provided. It is recommended that all potential applicants provide projects that are related to the priorities outlined in the NOFO.

Eligible HP recipients include any State agency, local government, institution of higher education, non-profit organization, for-profit entity, and other persons, defined as an entity not included above and may not be an individual, foreign entity, hospital, public/Native American housing authority, or Federal institution. See the MCSAP Comprehensive Policy (MCP) for additional information on the FMCSA discretionary application review and approval process.

Monitoring and Managing the HP Grant

HP grant partners are required to monitor activities throughout the grant’s period of performance (POP) to ensure they are meeting their goals and fulfilling their safety mission. FMCSA monitors activities throughout the POP based on the data reported to FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) and State-submitted quarterly reports.

FMCSA provides a number of tools to help grant managers monitor performance throughout the grant lifecycle. States can review reports in the Activity Dashboard to assist in preparing quarterly reports. Grantees can learn more about monitoring, reporting, audits, and other important aspects of managing grants in the FMCSA’s online Grants Management Training.