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Learn about your role in improving data quality and about the systems used to report crashes and inspections to FMCSA. Want to browse all available materials? Head back to the Learning Center homepage.



Understanding Data Quality

Before we talk about how to use SAFETYNET to manage records, we need to understand some characteristics about records. Use these resources to learn about the crash and inspection records FMCSA uses, the record reporting processes, and the importance of data quality.

Introducing SAFETYNET

Now that you understand what inspection and crash records are, the next step is learning how to use SAFETYNET to report these records. Use these resources to get an overview of SAFETYNET and the crash and inspection modules.

Uploading, Downloading, and Importing SAFETYNET Records

You have been introduced to SAFETYNET, now it's time to learn how to upload, download, and import records to and from SAFETYNET. These resources walk you through the processes to get records, census confirmations, and files into SAFETYNET and how to upload the records to MCMIS or SAFER.

Searching for Carrier Information

It's time to learn how to verify your data, a necessity to good data quality. Use these resources to learn how to correctly enter carrier data and what to do if there is missing carrier information.

Querying SAFETYNET Records

Finally, learn how queries save you time in SAFETYNET and improve your data quality. These resources teach you how to write basic queries, including cheat sheets you can print out for future use.

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