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Hazardous Materials Involvement

Hazardous Materials:
For safety purposes, FMCSA requires any vehicle placarded for hazardous materials involved in a crash to be recorded on the crash report and reported via SAFETYNET. When placarded, this includes vehicles such as passenger cars or light trucks that would not qualify by size alone. SAFETYNET provides for recording of these vehicles in Vehicle Configuration (see Lesson 3). Hazardous materials refers to any substance or material which has been determined to be capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety and property when transported in commerce.

Pickup with Hazmat Placard Cargo Van with Hazmat Placard
Pickup w/ Hazmat Placard
Cargo Van w/ Placard
Single-unit truck with Hazmat Placard Double Tanker with Hazmat Placard
Fuel Oil Tanker w/ Placard
Gasoline Tanker w/ Placard