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Lesson 1 - Selection Criteria
Lesson 2 - Motor Carrier ID
Lesson 3 - Configuration/Cargo Body
Lesson 4 - Crash Events
Lesson 5 - Hazardous Materials

These web-based materials are intended to be an educational resource for law enforcement officers, CMV inspection authorities, accident investigation trainers, and State department of transportation accident records developers and users. This resource defines and provides examples for FMCSA related crash data collected and reported to SAFETYNET. To return to this page to enter another selection at anytime, use the "Home Page" bar at the top right of each page.

NOTE: The companies and carriers shown in any photographs on this site are included for illustrative purposes only. These images in NO WAY indicate or imply unsafe or improper operating practices by those pictured.

Lesson 1: Selection Criteria

Lesson 2: Motor Carrier Identification

Lesson 3: Vehicle Configuration / Cargo Body Type

Lesson 4: Crash Events

Lesson 5: Hazardous Materials

Qualifying crashQualifying crashQualifying crash
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