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Crash Events

Sequence of Events - Non-Collision Attributes:
Explosion or Fire - can occur as the cause of the accident or the result of one.
Separation of Units - is used when a trailing unit separates from its power unit or another trailing unit(s).
Cross Median/Centerline - is used when a vehicle completely crosses the median and enters the shoulder or travel lanes on the opposite side of a divided highway. It also includes crossing over the centerline of a two-way undivided highway.
Equipment Failure - Examples include defective: tires/wheels/rims, brakes, steering, suspension, power train, lighting systems, trailer hitch, air bag, wipers, etc.
Other Non-Collision - would include events such as:  vehicle went airborne (driving off a cliff), injured in vehicle (load passes through rear window), gas inhalation (carbon monoxide), fell from vehicle, or thrown or falling object (falling tree/rock).