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Crash Events

Sequence of Events - Collision Involving/With Attributes:
Pedalcycle - Includes persons riding non-motorized bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, also includes passengers on those devices.
Animal - is used for collisions with live animals (domesticated or wild) that are not themselves being used as transportation or to draw a wagon, cart or other transport device.
Fixed Object- refers to permanent or semi-permanent structures such as boulders, impact attenuators, bridges, concrete traffic barriers, embankments, culverts, etc.
Work Zone/Maintenance Equipment- Use this code when this motor vehicle strikes a construction, maintenance or utility vehicle in the process of working and not “in-transport.” For example, a "cherry picker" working on telephone lines.
Other Movable Object- refers to temporary or not-fixed objects such as ridden animals or animals drawing a device, construction barrels, temporary highway signs, or animal carcasses and fallen trees in the roadway.