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FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminstration

CSA - Compliance, Safety, Accountability

Working Together for Safety.

SMS - Safety Measurement System SMS - Safety Measurement System



  • 524401
    REXBURG, ID 83440
  • 154
  • 140
  • 92

Safety Rating & OOS Rates

(As of 02/28/2024 updated daily from SAFER )

( 02/13/2023)

Out of Service Rates

Type OOS % National Avg %
Vehicle 10.8 21.4
Driver 8.8 6.0
Hazmat 4.5

Licensing and Insurance

(As of 02/28/2024 updated hourly from L&I )

Active For-Hire Authority
Type Yes/No MC#/MX#
Property No
Passenger Yes MC-263716
Household Goods No
Broker No

BASIC Status (Public Passenger Carrier View) FAST Act of 2015

Behavior Analysis & Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) Based on a 24-month record ending January 26, 2024

Select a BASIC icon above to get details, or view your Complete SMS Profile.

Carrier may be prioritized for an intervention action and roadside inspection. Denotes this carrier exceeds the FMCSA Intervention Threshold relative to its safety event grouping based upon roadside data and/or has been cited with one or more Acute/Critical Violations within the past 12 months during an investigation. Therefore, this carrier may be prioritized for an intervention action and roadside inspection.

Driver Fitness

More Info

Selected for intervention prioritization On-Road +

On-Road Performance

0.61 How is the measure calculated?
Less than 5 driver inspections with violations

Safety Event Group: 21-100 relevant driver inspections

0 100

Scale 0 to 100; 0 indicates the best safety performance.

This carrier has (2) driver inspections with violations. A carrier must have at least five driver violations to be assigned a percentile greater than zero in this BASIC.

Investigation Results

Acute/Critical Violations Discovered

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Carrier Measure Over Time

  • Trends

This graph displays a carrier’s measure based on 24 months of on-road performance. Zero indicates the best performance. To see how the measure is calculated click here. To see how the measure relates to percentile click here. Expand for more information.

  • 1
  • 0.75
  • 0.5
  • 0.25
  • 0
  • -0.25
  • Aug 25
  • Sep 29
  • Oct 27
  • Nov 24
  • Dec 29
  • Jan 26
  • 2023
  • 2023
  • 2023
  • 2023
  • 2023
  • 2024
  Aug 25 2023 Sep 29 2023 Oct 27 2023 Nov 24 2023 Dec 29 2023 Jan 26 2024
Measure 0.68 0.49 0.50 0.48 0.58 0.61
Measure 0 0 0 0 0 0

Violation Summary

Driver Fitness Violations: 3

Violations Description # Violations # OOS Violations Violation Severity Weight
383.23(a)(2) Operating a CMV without a CDL 1 1 8
383.25(a)(5)(i) Operating a CMV with a Commercial Learner's Permit transporting passengers requiring the passenger (P) endorsement 1 1 8
383.25A1 Operating on learner permit without a CDL holder 1 1 8

Inspection History

Driver Inspections: 34

Please select to view your Inspection History. You can also sort your data by Date, Report Number, Vehicle Type, etc.

Report Vehicle Measure = Sum of the Total Weight (TotW) Sum of the Time Weight (TiW)
Inspection Date Number State Plate Number Plate State Type Severity Weight
Time Weight
Total Weight
Sum of measure weights Sum of measure weights 30 49 30
TotW TiW
30 49
= 0.61
More Info

*** The sum of all violation severity weights (violation weight + out-of-service) for this inspection has been capped at 30.

Investigation Results

Driver Fitness Acute/Critical Violations: 1

Investigation Date Investigation Violation Description
1/31/2023 Compliance Review 383.37(a) Knowingly allowing, requiring, permitting, or authorizing an employee to operate a CMV during any period in which the driver does not have a current CLP or CDL or does not have a CLP or CDL with the proper class or endorsements. An employer may not use a driver to operate a CMV who violates any restriction on the driver's CLP or CDL

Summary of Activities

The summary includes information on the 5 most recent investigations and 24 months of inspections and crash history.

  • 1/31/2023 (Compliance Review) Acute/Critical violations cited within last 12 months from investigation
  • 92
    • 57
    • 35
  • : 8

*Crashes listed represent a motor carrier’s involvement in reportable crashes, regardless of the carrier’s or driver’s role in the crash. Continue for details.

Acute/Critical violations citied within last 12 months from investigation. Acute/Critical Violations cited within last 12 months from an investigation.

Continue for more Crash, Inspection & Investigation Details

Enforcement Cases

(Six years as of 02/28/2024 updated monthly from FMCSA )


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