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Motor Carrier Identification

Identification Process:
To identify the motor carrier responsible and match that carrier to a valid carrier listed in the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) it is critical to accurately record the USDOT number, the complete name and/or DBA “doing business as” name of the carrier and the carrier’s complete address. This information once recorded on the PAR is entered into SAFETYNET for matching and upload to MCMIS. All three pieces of information are extremely important when matching the record not only to a valid carrier but also to the correct carrier that should be recorded as involved in the crash.  An omission of any of these items will likely result in an unnecessary number of records that can’t be matched as well as crashes credited to the incorrect carrier.  Further, any recording errors can become difficult, time consuming and sometimes impossible to resolve.

Motor Carrier Name

It is important to record the complete Carrier Name or "DBA" Name on the PAR or Supplement and to allow sufficient space so officers do not have to put partial names. Many carriers around the country have the same or similar names, so the complete name is very important when an error is made in any other field.

Motor Carrier Address

Recording the complete motor carrier address becomes very important for identification when errors or omissions are made. It is especially critical if the Name field or DOT number is inaccurate.  There are many companies with similar names that can only be separated by knowing the proper address.