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Motor Carrier Identification

Owner-operators are individuals who own their own commercial vehicle or small fleet, typically truck tractors. Most often, they serve as the driver of these vehicles. If they have their own operating authority, they may haul loads as a for-hire motor carrier using their vehicle. Alternatively, they can provide their vehicle and driving services to another motor carrier under a lease for a contracted period of time and operate under that carrier's authority.

Owner-Operator Example
The above vehicle is a PROPERLY marked example of an owner-operator's truck tractor (Chesley Trucking) where this owner has leased his vehicle and driving services to Hummer Trucking and will be operating under their authority. The USDOT# (341659), although not on the door, belongs to Hummer Truck Lines.
Owner-Operator Example
This vehicle is another properly marked example of an owner-operator's truck tractor (J&D Trucking). Note that although J&D Trucking is larger in size on the vehicle, this vehicle is leased to Cool Express, making it the motor carrier.