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Motor Carrier Identification

Who is the carrier responsible?:

John Smith owns his own truck tractor, operating under John Smith Trucking. He contracts with White Manufacturing to take one of its trailers loaded with its goods from New York to Los Angeles.
Answer: John Smith is the motor carrier, because he is the entity that has agreed to carry this particular load.

John Smith, driving his truck tractor, utilizes a cargo broker, K&S Trucking, to obtain goods from Intermodal Inc. shipping company for his return trip back to New York.
Answer: John Smith is again the carrier because K&S transferred the load to him.

John Smith, driving his truck tractor, leases his services to Polyester Chemical Co.. Polyester directs Smith to deliver a semi-trailer fom New York to St. Louis.
Answer: In this case, Polyester is the motor carrier because it told Mr. Smith to take this particular load.