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FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminstration

CSA - Compliance, Safety, Accountability

Working Together for Safety.

SMS - Safety Measurement System SMS - Safety Measurement System


  • 314990
    EAST WENATCHEE, WA 98802-5912
  • 278
  • 269
  • 398

Safety Rating & OOS Rates

(As of 12/06/2022 updated daily from SAFER )

( 10/24/2022)

Out of Service Rates

Type OOS % National Avg %
Vehicle 33.8 21.4
Driver 1.0 6.0
Hazmat 11.1 4.5

Licensing and Insurance

(As of 12/06/2022 updated hourly from L&I )

Active For-Hire Authority
Type Yes/No MC#/MX#
Property Yes MC-157824
Passenger No
Household Goods No
Broker Yes MC-157824

BASIC Status (Public Property Carrier View) FAST Act of 2015

Behavior Analysis & Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) Based on a 24-month record ending November 25, 2022

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Summary of Activities

The summary includes information on the 5 most recent investigations and 24 months of inspections and crash history.

  • 9/7/2022 (Compliance Review) Acute/Critical violations cited within last 12 months from investigation
  • 398
    • 177
    • 221
  • : 29

*Crashes listed represent a motor carrier’s involvement in reportable crashes, regardless of the carrier’s or driver’s role in the crash. Continue for details.

Acute/Critical violations citied within last 12 months from investigation. Acute/Critical Violations cited within last 12 months from an investigation.

Continue for more Crash, Inspection & Investigation Details

Enforcement Cases

(Six years as of 12/06/2022 updated monthly from FMCSA )

No penalties found


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