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Crash Report Development Guidance

Data Extraction:
If the selection of crashes for upload to SAFETYNET is done by computer extraction, it is critical that all the necessary elements are present to accurately make the extraction. For crashes involving non-fatal injuries, or vehicle damage, additional data are very important. The selection criteria related to crash severity requires identification that a person was BOTH injured and transported for treatment or that a vehicle was BOTH towed and received disabling damage.

Report field for injury severity
report field for transported from scene
By sourcing the report fields above for "Injury Severity" and "Transported By" it is possible to determine if an injured person was transported for treatment as outlined in the selection criteria for proper extraction.
report field for damage

The report field example above provides the information necessary for selection. Indication only that a vehicle is towed is not sufficient alone for extraction because a vehicle can be towed for other reasons such as an insurance violation or arrest.