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Medical Certificate

All drivers are expected to be physically and mentally fit to drive. Drivers must be examined by a medical examiner. A list of registered medical examiners can be found at the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. More information about the medical standards can be found on FMCSA’s Regulations web page. Exemptions from the diabetes and vision standards are available by requesting a waiver from FMCSA.

The medical examiner will fill out a Medical Examination Report (long form). Upon passing the physical examination, the medical examiner will provide the driver with a copy of a medical certificate. The motor carrier and driver are responsible for having copies of the current medical certificate.

Drivers must be examined at least every two years; medical examiners can issue a certification for less time at their discretion. If the driver returns from an illness or injury that may interfere with driving ability, he or she must undergo another medical examination, even if the medical examination certificate has not expired. Federal exemptions for visual and diabetes must be renewed annually.

  • Farm vehicles and their drivers when the vehicle is:
    • Farm vehicle drivers where the vehicle is:
      • Controlled and operated by a farmer as a private motor carrier of property
      • Being used to transport agricultural products or farm machinery and/or supplies to or from a farm
      • Not being used in the operation of a for-hire carrier
      • Not carrying placardable HM
      • Being used within 150 air miles of the farm
  • Vehicle controlled by a beekeeper engaged in seasonal transportation of bees
  • Holders of Canadian or Mexican commercial motor vehicle license (as Canadian and Mexican licenses have a medical certification component included when issued).
    • Holders of Canadian Class 5 or Class G Licenses from Ontario do need to submit additional information to show they are medically certified as those licenses do not include the medical certification component. The additional information needed is:
      • A Canadian medical confirmation letter issued by the Province or Territory; or
      • A medical examiner’s certificate issued by a medical examiner on the U.S. National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners; or
      • An endorsement code on their license to indicate periodic medical examination.
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