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Selection Criteria

Crash Severity:
The qualifying vehicle is involved in a crash including at least one motor vehicle in-transport operating on a trafficway open to the public which results in:

A FATALITY: any person(s) killed in or outside of any vehicle (truck, bus, car, etc.) involved in the crash or who dies within 30 days of the crash as a result of an injury sustained in the crash:
AN INJURY: any person(s) injured as a result of the crash who immediately receives medical treatment away from the crash scene;
A TOW-AWAY: any motor vehicle (truck, bus, car, etc.) is disabled as a result of the crash and transported away from the scene by a tow truck or other vehicle.
Disabling Damage (Code of Federal Regulations)
Damage which precludes departure of a motor vehicle from the scene of the accident in its usual manner in daylight after simple repairs.
Includes damage to motor vehicles that could be driven, but would be further damaged in doing so. Excludes damage to tires, headlamps or taillights.
Example of a Qualifying Crash by Severity
A tractor semi-trailer strikes the bridge overhead structure with its trailer and the trailer is disabled and must be towed. The truck tractor is not damaged and is driven off. The vehicle would still be considered to be "towed" as it is considered one unit at the time of the accident.