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Hazardous Materials Involvement

Proper Recording - Critical Information:
In addition to identifying the responsible motor carrier, it is critical to accurately record the USDOT number, the complete name and/or DBA “doing business as” name of the carrier and the carrier’s complete physical address (not PO Box). All three pieces of information are extremely important. Many carriers around the country have the same or similar names. Additionally, multiple names can legally appear on the vehicle. As a result, any recording errors or ommisions are difficult to accurately resolve with incomplete information. See examples below:

Don Hummer Trucking
RH Hummer Jr., Inc.
Don Hummer Trucking of Oxford, Iowa
RH Hummer Jr, Inc. of Williamsburg, Iowa
Moving company truck with 2 sets of information As an "Agent" of United Van Lines, Hilldrup Moving (bottom) on most trips will be operating under United Van Lines authority. However, it has its own USDOT# and may operate under its own authority. This example illustrates the benefit of a procedural approach to identify the correct carrier. Recording errors or recording partial information from each can make it very difficult to properly match the carrier. Use this link to see a simulated match in SAFETYNET using information from this truck.