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Sample Trailer GVWRS:
Gross Combination Weight is used to qualify truck trailer combinations for inclusion in SAFETYNET. Included below are a series of sample trailers and their accompanying GVWRs for illustrative purposes. It is apparent that given the size of these trailers it is easy to reach the 10,001 lb. GCWR threshold when attached to a vehicle that would not qualify alone. In fact, some may reach a GCWR of 26,001 lbs., requiring the driver to have a CDL.
3500 lb. trailer 5000 lb. trailer 7000 lb. trailer
3,500 lb. Utility Trailer
5,000 lb. Dump Trailer
7,000 lb. Box Trailer
9000 lb. trailer 10000 lb. trailer 14000 lb. trailer
9,000 lb. Reel Trailer
10,000 lb. Utility Trailer
14,000 Box Trailer