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CSA - Compliance, Safety, Accountability

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Getting Started

Through a compliance and enforcement program called Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), FMCSA monitors the safety performance of each motor carrier from registration throughout the life of its business.

During carriers’ first 18 months on the road, they are considered “new entrants” with provisional operating authority, and are also monitored under the New Entrant Program to ensure they have effective safety management controls in place. Upon completing a Safety Audit and operating safely for 18 months, carriers are granted permanent operating authority and continue to be monitored under CSA.

How does FMCSA monitor carrier safety compliance?

FMCSA, together with State Partners, assesses safety performance by collecting data about carriers through Safety Audits, roadside inspections, investigations, and crash reports.

Safety Audits

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Roadside Inspections

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Crash Reports

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How does FMCSA address carriers that pose a safety risk?

FMCSA’s interventions process, which includes warning letters and investigations, evaluates why safety problems occur, recommends remedies, and when necessary, invokes strong penalties for carriers failing to comply.

When a safety problem is found, in addition to other actions, FMCSA often requires the carrier to develop, submit, and implement a corrective action plan that identifies the root cause of the safety problem and the actions the carrier will take to address them.

Learn how to submit a corrective action plan.

How We Monitor Carrier Safety

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