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SELECTIVE VAN LINES (U.S. DOT# 3425548) is NOT authorized by FMCSA to transport or arrange the transportation of Household Goods.

A household goods motor carrier transports customers’ personal household possessions.

A household goods broker arranges the transportation of a customers’ personal household possessions. Brokers do not have vehicles and do not assume responsibility nor take possession of the household goods. Brokers are an intermediary between the shipper (customer) and carrier.

The data is from 8/25/2023
Company Details
USDOT Number : 3425548 
MC # : 1108507 

Address : 10 DELL GLEN AVE STE 4
LODI, NJ 07644
Mailing Address : Same as above
Telephone : (844)357-2223 
Fax :  

Fleet Size
Number of Trucks :
Number of Tractors :
Number of Trailers :
Safety Rating
Safety Rating : Not Rated
Review Date :  

Licensing and Insurance

For Licensing and Insurance details click here

Household Goods Complaint History

The National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB) allows consumers to file complaints regarding household goods moving companies, including brokers, carriers and freight forwarders. This system also allows HHG companies the ability to view the individual details of the complaints and to challenge duplicate or fraudulent complaints. In order to access this system, please visit: http://nccdb.fmcsa.dot.gov.

The following table reports the number of complaints lodged in the NCCDB against the selected HHG company in the last four years. When making comparison between companies, it is important to take into account the size of the companies. Larger companies are capable of handling more moves; and therefore, are more likely to have complaints lodged against them. The data shown above under fleet size can be used for assessing the size of a company.

 Year   Total Complaints *1
2021 16
2022 5
Complaints by Category *2  Year  
 2021    2022  
Unauthorized Operations*3 n/a   n/a  
Operating Authority*3 1   0  
Insurance*3 2   0  
Shipment Documents 7   2  
Estimates/Final Charges 11   3  
Weighing 5   2  
Hostage 9   4  
Pickup and Delivery 11   3  
Loss and Damage 5   1  
Claim Settlement 5   2  
Other Commercial Complaints 0   0  
Owner Operator – Leasing Violations*4 0   0  
Consumer Complaint(Deceptive Business Practices)*4 11   3  
Whistleblower Complaint*4 0   0  
*1 A single complaint can belong to more than one category; therefore, the sum of the complaints in each category may not equal the total complaints.
*2 Click here for a list of the complaints associated with each category.

New complaint categories were released on November 12th, 2015
*3 Unauthorized Operations now has two additional complaint categories Operating Authority and Insurance.
*4 New complaint category: Owner operator - leasing violations, Consumer Complaint (Deceptive Business practices), Whistleblower Complaint.

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