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Site Guide
What is A&I Online? How to I navigate around the site?
What are Some Applications for A&I Online? What are the Technical Requirements?

Table of Contents

I. What is A&I Online?

A&I (Analysis and Information) Online is a web-based tool designed to provide quick and efficient access to descriptive statistics and analyses on commercial vehicle operator safety information.

II. How do I Navigate Around the Site?

A&I Online implements standard navigation techniques to make getting the information you need intuitive. Some of the standard techniques employed on the A&I Online web site include: buttons, underlined text, graphics, a navigation bar, and a site map.

2.1 Standard Navigation Techniques Implemented
2.2 Navigating through A&I Online Modules
III. What Are Some Applications for A&I Online?

A&I Online is a diverse tool providing access to motor carrier safety information to improve motor carrier safety.

  3.1   Access a list of interstate carriers ranked according to their safety status
  3.2   Access a specific carrier's SafeStat results
  3.3   Access a specific carrier's safety fitness history
  3.4   Review the Crash profile of a specific state
  3.5   Identify the carriers that are having the most crashes in a selected state
  3.6   Support the development of Safety Plans or Commercial Vehicle Safety Plans (CVSP)
  3.7   Review a specific state's Compliance Review (CR) activity by safety rating
         and compare the results to other states
  3.8   Review a specific state’s Roadside Inspection (RI) activity and compare the
         results to other states.
  3.9   Review a specific state's Traffic Enforcement (TE) activity as compared to
         the total number of roadside inspections
3.10   Compare the commercial zone vehicle OOS inspection rate for state and
         federal personnel in Texas
3.11   Compare the top 10 Vehicle OOS Violations for U.S. DOT Motor Carriers
         by Carrier Domicile
3.12   Review the border crossing statistics for Nogales, AZ
3.13   Access MCSAFE
IV. What are the Technical Requirements?

A&I Online is designed with minimum technical requirements to ensure that users will not have to download the latest browsers and various plug-ins. A&I Online can be viewed on both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers.

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