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Vehicle Violations (Commercial Zone)

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Arizona Vehicle Violations (Commercial Zone) (2018 - Fiscal)
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Violation CodeViolation Description# of Inspections# of Violations% of Total Violations# of OOS ViolationsOOS Percent
1393.9Inoperable Required Lamp6,0259,28111.13%7407.97%
2393.55ENo or Defective ABS Malfunction Indicator Lamp for trailer manufactured after 03/01/19985,1405,2016.24%10.02%
3396.17COperating a CMV without proof of a periodic inspection4,0354,8975.87%00.00%
4393.75CTire-other tread depth less than 2/32 of inch measured in a major tread groove2,8944,1284.95%320.78%
5396.5BOil and/or grease leak3,4913,7344.48%441.18%
6393.11No or defective lighting devices or reflective material as required2,6633,2643.91%240.74%
7393.47EClamp or Roto type brake out-of-adjustment1,9442,8543.42%10.04%
8393.78Windshield wipers inoperative/defective2,7212,7593.31%20.07%
9396.3A1Inspection, repair and maintenance of parts & accessories1,8942,2872.74%49821.78%
10396.3A1BBrakes (general) Explain: 1,6992,0562.47%542.63%
11393.75A3Tire-flat and/or audible air leak1,5611,7312.08%1,70598.50%
12393.95ANo/discharged/unsecured fire extinguisher1,6901,6922.03%00.00%
13393.53BCMV manufactured after 10/19/94 has an automatic airbrake adjustment system that fails to compensate for wear1,5131,6151.94%00.00%
14393.201AFrame cracked / loose / sagging / broken1,1081,4521.74%22515.50%
15393.209EPower steering violations1,3901,3971.68%130.93%
16396.9D2Failure to correct defects noted on previous inspection report1,2631,3671.64%00.00%
17393.9TSInoperative turn signal1,1911,3471.62%54940.76%
18393.45B2Brake hose or tubing chafing and/or kinking9341,1521.38%524.51%
19393.48AInoperative/defective brakes9001,1281.35%605.32%
20393.55D1CMV not equipped with ABS malfunction circuit or signal (Truck-Tractor mfg on/after 3/1/1997; Straight Truck mfg on/after 3/1/1998)1,0621,0721.29%00.00%
 Total number of Vehicle Inspections in FY 2018: 22,980
 Total number of Vehicle Violations in FY 2018: 83,401
 Total number of Vehicle Out-of-Service (OOS) Violations in FY 2018: 9,680
Citations marked with an asterisk (*) will be shown on the Driver/Vehicle Examination Report given to the driver after a roadside inspection.
Data Source: FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 8/31/2018, including current year-to-date information for FY 2018. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to updates as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
For more information see the Report Description.
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