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Reviews, Critical Violations

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Reviews, Critical Violations (2018 - Fiscal)
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Violation CodeViolation Description# of Reviews# of Critical Violations% of Total Critical Violations
1395.8K1Retention Of Driver'S Record Of Duty Status576713.21%
2395.8E1False Reports Of Records Of Duty Status 576011.83%
3391.51B2Inquiries Into Employment Record Not Kept In Dq File45458.88%
4382.301AUsing A Driver Before Receiving A Pre-Employment Result43438.48%
5395.8A1Log Violation (General/Form And Manner)33367.10%
6396.17AUsing A Cmv Not Periodically Inspected33356.90%
7396.3BFailing To Keep Minimum Records Of Inspection And Maintenance32326.31%
8395.8ANo Drivers Record Of Duty Status25295.72%
9395.8A2IIDriver failed to submit their record of duty status within 13 days.20224.34%
10391.51AFailing To Maintain Driver Qual. File On Each Driver18203.94%
11396.11AFailing To Require Driver To Prepare Vehicle Inspection Report16173.35%
12382.303AFailing To Conduct Post Accident Testing On Driver For Alcohol.881.58%
13382.305B2Failing To Do Random Drug Tests At Applicable Annual Rate881.58%
14391.51B7No Medical Certificate In Qual. File881.58%
15382.303BFailing To Conduct Post Accident Testing On Driver For Controlled Substances771.38%
16395.8EFalse Report Of Drivers Record Of Duty Status771.38%
17177.800CCarrier Failed To Provide General Awareness/Familiarization Training661.18%
18395.3A3IIDriving beyond 8 hour limit since the end of the last off duty or sleeper period of at least 30 minutes661.18%
19177.817ANo Shipping Papers (Carrier)550.99%
20391.11AUsing An Unqualified Driver550.99%
 Total number of Critical violations in FY 2018: 507
Data Source: FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 10/27/2017, including current year-to-date information for FY 2018. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to updates as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
For more information see the Report Description.
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