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Traffic Enforcement by Gross Combined Weight Ratings

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Traffic Enforcement by Gross Combined Weight Ratings
GCWRFY 2016FY 2017FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020
Under 10,000 lbs.41,8041,80831,8111,81471,8001,80751,7331,73811,1851,186
10,000 - 26,000 lbs.2494,01294,0366898,74798,815398109,807110,205381120,379120,76095104,327104,422
Over 26,000 lbs.111422,326422,437105432,644432,749186443,051443,237122451,993452,11569357,282357,351
Missing or '0'1732,89732,914614,30014,306114,51714,518414,04314,047311,18611,189
Data Source: FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 9/25/2020, including current year-to-date information for FY 2020. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to updates as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
June 2020 - FMCSA has changed the Traffic Enforcement inspection methodology to better align with violations used in SMS and provide a more accurate reflection of the violations found in each State. Based on the updated criteria, traffic enforcement inspection numbers have increased for all years displayed. Please see the Report Description for more detail.
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