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Traffic Enforcement by Inspection Level

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Traffic Enforcement by Inspection Level
Inspection LevelFY 2014FY 2015FY 2016FY 2017FY 2018
I. Full53060,30560,83530458,13258,43640648,43848,84438547,27247,65742546,90247,327
With OOS Viol (Level 1)13928,17428,3138026,96027,04013622,10222,23815421,76921,92318321,61421,797
II. Walk-Around82118,959119,04153113,868113,92160114,014114,07477117,363117,440279111,241111,520
With OOS Viol (Level 2)2132,51432,535931,71131,7201931,19931,2182932,62632,6558831,03931,127
III. Driver Only47196,032196,07945195,615195,66056200,988201,04430199,005199,03545198,227198,272
With OOS Viol (Level 3)313,49613,499313,35913,3621013,52013,530613,65813,664712,91612,923
IV. Special Study090990901,9581,95802,1482,14801,6861,68601,5351,535
With OOS Viol (Level 4)02912910427427034334302892890264264
V. Terminal137,9347,947127,6527,66456,3026,307186,2526,27055,2875,292
With OOS Viol (Level 5)69179239784793469069495805892544546
VI. Radioactive Materials000000000000000
With OOS Viol (Level 6)000000000000000
Data Source: FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 8/31/2018, including current year-to-date information for FY 2018. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to updates as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
Note: As of January 2017, two new traffic enforcement violations were added: 'driving a CMV while texting' and 'using a hand-held mobile telephone while operating a CMV'.

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