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Traffic Enforcement Activity Summary

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Traffic Enforcement Activity Summary
Activity SummaryFY 2015FY 2016FY 2017FY 2018FY 2019
Number of Traffic Enf. Inspections414377,225377,639527371,863372,390510371,601372,111809397,742398,551246136,053136,299
With Moving Violations28210,685210,71349221,266221,31580223,388223,468487245,944246,43121085,67385,883
With Drug & Alcohol Violations08708700881881089489414304310123123
With Railroad Crossing Violations02872871210211021421422042060125125
With Non-specified State Law/Miscellaneous Violations386177,187177,573481161,616162,097432159,013159,445321163,998164,3194054,04054,080
Number of Traffic Enf. Violations421423,691424,112539412,453412,992536410,864411,400827438,693439,520254149,606149,860
Moving Violations28217,673217,70150227,434227,48481229,742229,823497252,259252,75621487,83988,053
Drug & Alcohol Violations01,0161,016099999901,0261,02615095100149149
Railroad Crossing Violations02882881210211021621622052070126126
Non-specified State Law/Miscellaneous Violations393204,714205,107488183,810184,298455179,880180,335327185,720186,0474061,49261,532
Data Source: FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 2/22/2019, including current year-to-date information for FY 2019. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to updates as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
Note: As of January 2017, two new traffic enforcement violations were added: 'driving a CMV while texting' and 'using a hand-held mobile telephone while operating a CMV'.

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