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Closed Enforcement Cases

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Closed Enforcement Cases (2018-2024 - Fiscal)
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U.S. DOT#Subject NameCase #Closed DateCityStateCountryViolation CodeSubject TypeTotal Amount Settled
11347659Schumacher Cargo Logistics IncCA-2018-0596-US10512018-12-17GardenaCAUnited States391.51(a); 395.8(e)(1)Carrier $6,960
21347659Schumacher Cargo Logistics IncCA-2010-0603-US11642010-10-18GardenaCAUnited States392.9a(a)(1)Freight Forwarder $1,380

Data Source: FMCSA's Enforcement Management Information System (EMIS) data snapshot as of 1/26/2024
For more information or business rules see the Report Description.
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