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Mexican-Owned or Mexico-Domiciled Carrier Activity

This section of A&I Online includes reports for the following types of Mexican-Owned or Mexico-Domiciled motor carriers:

  • Certificate - A Mexico-domiciled motor carrier that transports exempt commodities or operates as a private motor carrier. These motor carriers were issued authority to operate trucks throughout the United States prior to 2002.
  • Enterprise - A Mexican-owned carrier that is domiciled in the United States; operates in the United States, conducting cross-border transportation of international cargo that originates in or is destined for a foreign country; and is subject to all U.S., state, and local laws pertaining to motor carrier operations and their vehicles.
  • Commercial Zone - A Mexico-domiciled carrier that has authority to operate its trucks only within the U.S.-Mexico border commercial zones in the United States.
  • Long Haul - A Mexico-domiciled carrier that has authority to engage in long-haul transportation as a common carrier of property (except household goods and hazardous materials) by motor vehicle in interstate or foreign commerce in or beyond the commercial zones of the United States. The authority does not allow point-to-point transportation services within the United States for goods other than international cargo. Reports include activity for all U.S. operations from the date the carrier was first allowed to operate up through the date of the current data snapshot. (Note: This includes the former Pilot Carriers and will result in some overlap and double-counting of data for Pilot and Long Haul Carriers.)
Summary of Mexican-Owned or Mexico-Domiciled Carrier Activity

Mexican-Owned or Mexico-Domiciled Carrier ActivityFY 2021
PilotCertificateEnterpriseCommercial ZoneLong Haul
Number of Inspections01,51726,454111,4956,561
I. Full089714,67478,3634,904
II. Walk-Around01685,44025,670876
III. Driver Only04415,8217,365762
IV. Special Study0112808819
V. Terminal0023990
Driver OOS Rate0.00%1.26%2.60%0.83%0.57%
Vehicle OOS Rate0.00%18.69%21.58%20.77%15.95%
Hazmat OOS Rate0.00%0.00%4.06%4.98%0.00%

A variety of reports on Mexican-Owned or Mexico-Domiciled carrier activity is available on the left navigation panel of this page. Reports provide data for five fiscal or calendar years of activity.

Data Source: FMCSA’s Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 7/29/2022. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to updates as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
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