Report Vehicle Measure = Sum of the Total Weight (TotW) Sum of the Time Weight (TiW)
Inspection Date Number State Plate Number Plate State Type Severity Weight
Time Weight
Total Weight
5/26/2021 COPF29401193 CO A6857 WY Truck Tractor 20 1 20
393.75(c) Tire-other tread depth less than 2/32 of inch measured in a major tread groove 8  
393.47(e) Clamp or Roto type brake out-of-adjustment 4  
393.53(b) CMV manufactured after 10/19/94 has an automatic airbrake adjustment system that fails to compensate for wear 4  
393.45UV Brake Tubing and Hose Adequacy Under Vehicle 4  
Sum of Violation Weight => Inspection Severity Weight (SW) 20  
5/23/2021 COPF09400955 CO A6853 WY Truck Tractor 0 1 0
Sum of measure weights Sum of measure weights 0 0 0