Report Vehicle Measure = Sum of the Total Weight (TotW) Sum of the Time Weight (TiW)
Inspection Date Number State Plate Number Plate State Type Severity Weight
Time Weight
Total Weight
5/6/2021 TNTCBG000543 TN H3999HY TN Truck Tractor 0 3 0
11/23/2020 TNTCKB000806 TN U142HZ TN Truck Tractor 0 2 0
12/11/2019 WI2608001621 WI J5563HY TN Truck Tractor 15 1 15
172.202(a)(3) No or improper Hazard Class or Division number. 3  
172.202(a)(4) No or improper Packing Group listed 3  
172.202(a)(5) No or improper Total Quantity listed 3  
172.202(a)(2) No or improper Shipping Name 3  
172.201(d) ER phone number not in compliance with Subpart G 3  
Sum of Violation Weight => Inspection Severity Weight (SW) 15  
11/19/2019 TNTBUD000563 TN U109HZ TN Truck Tractor 0 1 0
Sum of measure weights Sum of measure weights 0 0 0