Report Vehicle Measure = Sum of the Total Weight (TotW) Sum of the Time Weight (TiW)
Inspection Date Number State Plate Number Plate State Type Severity Weight
Time Weight
Total Weight
11/23/2019 US1036020028 US CP94397 CA Motor Coach 0 1 0
10/7/2019 AZ0222007514 AZ EP00125 CA Motor Coach 2 1 2
395.22H2 Driver failing to maintain ELD instruction sheet 1  
395.22H3 Driver failed to maintain instruction sheet for ELD malfunction reporting requirements 1  
Sum of Violation Weight => Inspection Severity Weight (SW) 2  
7/9/2019 US1476200090 US EP06824 CA Motor Coach 0 1 0
Sum of measure weights Sum of measure weights 0 0 0