Violations Description # Violations # OOS Violations Violation Severity Weight
395.3(a)(3)(ii) Driving beyond 8 hour driving limit since the end of the last on duty, off duty, or sleeper period of at least 30 minutes 2 0 7
395.15I9 Driver not adequately trained in the operation of the automatic on-board recording device. 1 0 1
395.22H4 Driver failed to maintain supply of blank drivers records of duty status graph-grids 1 0 1
395.3A2-HOSPD HOS (Property) - Driving beyond the 14 hour after coming on duty following 10 consecutive hours off duty during the current 8 consecutive day period. Date and Time: 1 0 7
395.8(e)(1)PC False Record of Duty Status - Improper use of Personal Conveyance Exception 1 0 7