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Intervention Model - Country Results
Intervention SummaryTotal BenefitsBenefits/1,000 Interventions
USNon-US **USNon-US **
Crashes Avoided*15,3551,5764.775.29
Injuries Avoided*9,8101,0063.053.38
Total Interventions*3,221,069298,5753,221,069298,575
Roadside Inspections2,508,240280,4882,508,240280,488
Traffic Enforcement712,82918,087712,82918,087
Roadside Inspections6,7681,3752.704.91
Roadside Inspections4,3248781.723.14
Traffic Enforcement8,58720112.0511.13
Traffic Enforcement5,4861287.707.11
Lives Saved*519540.160.18
Roadside Inspections229470.090.17
Traffic Enforcement29070.410.37
* The totals in this section may not match the RD and TE sums due to rounding.
** Indicates carriers domiciled in Mexico or Canada with inspections conducted in the US.
***These results have been updated to reflect refinements to the Intervention Model, and hence do not necessarily correspond with results published in archived reports. A description of the model refinements can be found in Appendix A of the report FMCSA Safety Program Effectiveness Measurement: Intervention Model Fiscal Year 2009.
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