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Carrier Intervention Effectiveness Model

The Carrier Intervention Effectiveness Model (CIEM) provides FMCSA with a tool for measuring the safety benefits of carrier interventions, measuring the direct impact of interventions on carriers that received them. The CIEM is based on data from the individual and cumulative "before and after" changes in the safety performance of carriers that received interventions in a given year. The model compares motor carriers’ crash rates in the 12 months following an intervention to their crash rates in the 12 months prior to the intervention. This change in crash rates is adjusted for the observed change in crash rates for carriers not receiving interventions.

The CIEM incorporates data collected from compliance reviews (CRs) and other carrier interventions, including warning letters, offsite investigations, onsite focused investigations, and onsite comprehensive investigations. The CIEM yields national-level measurements that estimate the effectiveness of FMCSA’s carrier interventions.

To learn more about the CIEM and the effectiveness of FMCSA carrier interventions, view the CIEM reports found here.

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Carrier Intervention Effectiveness Model - National Results
FY 2009FY 20101FY 20111FY 2012FY 2013
Total Interventions28,33131,36558,19943,27538,140
CSA Warning Letter2,1845,79039,00423,83520,225
Offsite Investigation345687639618619
Onsite Focused Investigation5201,1996,24610,4709,388
Onsite Comprehensive Investigation3868291,4007,0395,796
PRISM Warning Letter7,5007,4151,764--
Compliance Review216,51714,5648,263--
Non-ratable Review8798818831,3132,112
Estimated Benefits
Crashes Prevented2,3981,8306,5675,2837,256
Injuries Prevented1,5081,1424,0333,251R4,354
Lives Saved8059215175R229
R Revised per FY 2013 CIEM Summary Report.
1 These results have been updated to reflect refinements to the CIEM, and hence do not necessarily correspond with results published in archived reports.
2 Beginning in FY 2012, all reviews previously considered motor carrier safety compliance reviews are included in the CSA onsite comprehensive investigations total.
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