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Summary statistics for Large Trucks and Buses in all domiciles based on the MCMIS data source(s) covering Calendar Year(s) 2017 for all crash events
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North Dakota: Summary Report
SummaryCY 2017 (North Dakota)CY 2017 (National)
# of Vehicles involved# of Crashes# of Fatalities# of Injuries# of Towaway# of Vehicles involved# of Crashes# of Fatalities# of Injuries# of Towaway# of Vehicles involved
Number of vehicles involved in fatal & non-fatal crashes60519.70000179,89418.800004.80
# in fatal crashes200.700004,7240.5000040
# in non-fatal crashes58519.10000175,17018.300004.40
Number of fatal & non-fatal Crashes55418000168,86417.600002.30
# of fatal crashes170.600004,2670.4000050
# of non-fatal crashes53717.50000164,59717.200001.70
Number of Fatalities as a result of a crash210.700004,7900.5000040
Number of Injuries as a result of a crash1946.3000091,9599.60000-34.40
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