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Roadside Inspections, HazMat Violations

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Roadside Inspections, HazMat Violations (2015 - Fiscal)
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Violation CodeViolation Description# of Inspections# of Violations% of Total Violations# of OOS ViolationsOOS Percent
1177.834APackage Not Secure In Vehicle3,6333,7589.11%3,56394.81%
2107.620BNo Copy Of Us Dot Hazardous Materials Registration Number3,3803,3828.20%20.06%
3172.516C6Placard Damaged, Deteriorated, Or Obscured2,1722,3335.66%341.46%
4177.817ANo Shipping Papers (Carrier)2,0902,1375.18%1,62075.81%
5177.817EShipping Paper Accessibility2,1082,1145.12%30.14%
6172.504AVehicle Not Placarded As Required1,9882,0604.99%77337.52%
7172.602AEmergency Response Information Missing1,6641,6644.03%10.06%
8172.502A1Failing To Provide Carrier Required Placards1,4761,4973.63%23115.43%
9172.202BFailing To Enter Basic Description Of Hm In Proper Sequence1,3751,4123.42%20.14%
10177.823ANo Placards/Markings When Required1,1261,2843.11%64049.84%
11172.600CEmergency Response (Er) Information Not Available1,2251,2272.97%30.24%
12172.200AOffering A Hm Without Preparing A Shipping Paper. (None At All)9709882.39%42743.22%
13180.415BCargo Tank Test Or Inspection Markings - Hm7818692.11%20.23%
14173.24B1Release Of Hm From Package6706841.66%64994.88%
15397.3State/Local Laws Ordinances Regulations6196471.57%142.16%
16177.801Accepting/Transporting Hm Not Prepared Properly4595501.33%6812.36%
17172.400APackage/Containment Not Labeled As Required4995411.31%61.11%
18172.602C1Maintenance/Accessibility Of Emergency Response Information5165161.25%00.00%
19107.601Failing To Register With Phmsa Prior To Transporting Hazardous Materials Requiring Hm Registration.4784811.17%71.46%
20172.202A5Failing To Enter Total Qty. Of Hm On Shipping Paper4314521.10%51.11%
 Total number of Hazmat Inspections in FY 2015: 185,023
 Total number of Hazmat Violations in FY 2015: 41,254
 Total number of Hazmat Out-of-Service (OOS) Violations in FY 2015: 9,809
Citations marked with an asterisk (*) will be shown on the Driver/Vehicle Examination Report given to the driver after a roadside inspection.
Data Source: FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 9/25/2015, including current year-to-date information for 2015. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to updates as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
For more information see the Report Description.
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