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Traffic Enforcement Violation Detail
Traffic Enforcement Violation Types 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
transparent imageMoving Violations298,426275,073264,591226,27487,533
transparent image392.2C -- Failure to obey traffic control device41,82742,11741,87739,11835,570
transparent image392.2FC -- Following too close10,71312,22112,55714,22911,713
transparent image392.2LC -- Improper lane change9,84411,05911,01011,91210,078
transparent image392.2P -- Improper passing2,0021,7671,4611,8905,520
transparent image392.2R -- Reckless driving1,0351,2041,0211,119799
transparent image392.2S -- Speeding227,924201,718191,902152,98619,184
transparent image392.2T -- Improper turns1,4291,4311,5231,6991,610
transparent image392.2Y -- Failure to yield right of way2,0692,1271,9742,1591,980
transparent image392.3 -- Operating a CMV while ill or fatigued1,5831,4291,2661,1621,079
transparent imageDrug and Alcohol2,4782,1981,8691,5421,352
transparent image392.4 & 392.4(A) -- Driver uses or is in possession of drugs911813672503524
transparent image392.5 & 392.5(A) -- Driver uses or is in possession of alcohol1,5671,3851,1971,039828
transparent imageRailroad Crossing424421376376392
transparent image392.10A1 -- Failing to stop at railroad grade (RR) crossing-bus92737181103
transparent image392.10A2 -- Failing to stop at (RR) crossing-chlorine810763
transparent image392.10A3 -- Failing to stop at (RR) crossing-placard155169158144158
transparent image392.10A4 -- Failing to stop at (RR) crossing- HM cargo169169140145128
transparent imageMiscellaneous655,075674,804633,161529,317562,565
transparent image392.14 -- Failing to use caution for hazardous conditions127166121152166
transparent image392.16 -- Failing to use seat belt while operating CMV63,60466,91271,48471,53862,455
transparent image392.71A -- Using/equipping CMV with a radar detector10,0008,2135,8054,5633,591
transparent image392.2 -- Local laws (general)581,344102175,49030,665

Data Source: FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) December 16, 2011 snapshot.

2011 data, as of December 16, 2011
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