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Summary Statistics for U.S. DOT Active Motor Carriers
Motor Carrier Census Data All Domiciles U.S. Mexico Canada
transparent imageActive Carriers with U.S. DOT Number 764,054725,33115,50623,217
transparent imagePower Units 4,844,4114,666,27846,236131,897
transparent imageCommercial Drivers 4,981,5034,801,73338,921140,849
transparent imageCarriers with OP-2 Authority 8,474N/A8,474N/A
transparent imagePower Units 31,257N/A31,257N/A
transparent imageCommercial Drivers 28,826N/A28,826N/A

Summary Statistics
Roadside Inspections All Domiciles U.S. Mexico Canada
transparent imageInspections 3,394,6823,072,416240,34581,921
transparent imageDriver Inspections 3,283,7642,962,131240,19781,436
transparent imageDriver OOS Rate* 5.0%5.3%0.9%4.3%
transparent imageVehicle Inspections 2,286,3852,030,363212,91043,112
transparent imageVehicle OOS Rate* 20.4%21.1%15.8%13.3%
transparent imageHM Inspections 191,811182,8166,1152,880
transparent imageHM OOS Rate* 3.9%4.0%1.9%3.4%
transparent imageCVSA Decals 654,320600,46641,17912,675
Compliance Reviews
transparent imageCompliance Reviews 9,6979,52356118
transparent imageSatisfactory 4,1704,0912752
transparent imageConditional 2,8932,8241554
transparent imageUnsatisfactory 28227534
transparent imageNot Rated 2,3522,333118
Traffic Enforcements
transparent imageMoving Violations87,53385,0242582,251
transparent imageDrug and Alcohol1,3521,333118
transparent imageRailroad Crossing39238345
transparent imageMiscellaneous562,565549,5524,5378,476
Commercial Motor Vehicles Crashes
Number of Commercial Motor Vehicles involved in:
transparent imageCrashes111,744110,272971,375
transparent imageFatal Crashes3,0903,054234
transparent imageNon-Fatal Crashes108,654107,218951,341
transparent imageInjury Crashes44,12343,67131421
transparent imageTowaway Crashes64,53163,54764920
Number of:
transparent imageFatalities3,2713,233236
transparent imageInjuries65,87965,19446639

Data Source: FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) December 16, 2011 snapshot. In addition, the following MCMIS census file snapshots were used for cross-referencing carrier information: December 21, 2007, December 19, 2008, December 18, 2009, December 17, 2010 and December 16, 2011.

*Driver OOS rate is based on inspection levels I, II, III and VI.
 Vehicle OOS rate is based on inspection levels I, II, V and VI.
 HM OOS rate is based on inspection levels I, II, III and VI when HM is present.
2011 data, as of December 16, 2011
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