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The Data Quality module identifies FMCSA resources for evaluating, monitoring, and improving the quality of data submitted by States to the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS).

SSDQ Evaluation Adjusted
The Non-Fatal Crash Completeness (NFCC) measure was removed from the Data Quality methodology. However, the evaluation will continue to be available as an improvement tool to help States evaluate the completeness of reporting non-fatal crash records. Visit the Continuous Improvement area for more details.

FARS/MCMIS Matching Tool Updated
The FARS record set now contains records from the FARS’ Parkwork data set, which includes information about parked and working vehicles involved in fatal crashes. Visit the Matching Tool Description area for more details.

State Safety Data Quality map as of 3/27/2015
Data Update Schedule

Data current as of: 3/27/2015

Website Updated on: 4/7/2015
Update Frequency: Monthly

Evaluation Evaluation   Monitoring Monitoring   Improvement Improvement Tools
State Safety Data Quality (SSDQ)
States are rated on a monthly basis on the completeness, timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of State-reported crash and roadside inspection data in MCMIS.
Supplemental Reports
State and Federal agencies can monitor their MCMIS and DataQs activity for State-reported crash and roadside inspection data provided to the FMCSA.
State Data Analysis Reports
State Data Analysis Reports that support the State Safety Data Quality (SSDQ) evaluation and the individual measures.


A tool designed to help reconcile differences between the number of fatal crash records in the FARS and MCMIS databases.

Police Accident Reporting
State agencies are provided training materials on the collection of crash data required to be uploaded to the FMCSA.

Related Data Quality Links
Users can access presentations, websites, and information related to improving data quality.

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